According to a new The State of the Industry Briefing from Distilled Spirits Council Of The United States (DISCUS), pre-mixed Cocktails — including spirits-based RTDs (Ready to Drink beverages) — are the fastest sectors of the U.S. spirits market in terms of both revenue and volume. For those in the industry, this is not surprising considering the low level where RTDs started plus the rapid acceptance by consumers. From 2020 to 2021, revenue increased 42.3% or $429 million from $1.2 billion to $1.6 billion and volume increased 55.9% or 13.1 million 9 liter cases. That being said, spirits-based RTDs comprise only eight percent of the overall RTD market. According to DISCUS, 62% of craft distillers are not producing spirits-based RTDs because of prohibitive and unfair taxes levied on their production. For instance, just in Arizona at 5% abv, spirits-based RTDs are taxed 18 times more than malt-based RTDs (1.5% versus 28.1%).

That being said, the spirits-based RTD market will continue to increase and thus BevFluence is launching the Rendezvous: An In-depth Look at RTD Cocktails campaign. BevFluence created the BevFluence Collaborations Campaign (BCC) to expand influencer engagement by leveraging the BevFluence community. We have devised and tested a proprietary methodology for accelerating social media distribution that we require our members to adhere to throughout the campaign. This methodology includes scheduling social media posts at the optimal time, sharing, and working with brand participants to engage within our platform. 

For the Rendezvous: An In-depth Look at RTD Cocktails campaign, your ready-to-drink products will be presented to a combination of industry experts, mixologists, bartenders, creators, bloggers, writers, and other media. We curate only the most diverse palates and those who will be tough but fair. You will get to know these creators as part of our community through group tastings and one-on-one settings.

You can view more information about this, and other campaigns, on the BevFluence Collaborations platform.  We have discounted the usual price for campaigns to $75 per entry and for each entry, the brands must send (6) -12 oz samples to each BevFluence Regional Office as well as (2) -12 oz samples to each Influencer we assign (five influencers). That equals 22 total – 12 oz samples and all of these requirements are outlined in the campaign’s guidelines once you login to the BevFluence Collaborations platform.

What is BevFluence?
BevFluence, LLC (BevFluence) was founded in 2017 and is made up of active members of the food & beverage industry experts with decades of experience. This group of well-respected and highly sought-after professionals is dedicated to building and strengthening the professional food & beverage media community through education, collaboration, and expanding access for both brands and creators. Founded by media professionals to create the change for our clients that define the future. You get us all, for the cost of a single consultant in some other companies, a team dedicated to growing your business over the long term. Our Team is made of wine, whiskey, technology, marketing, social media, hospitality, culinary, and beverage industry experts.