The Charming Taste of Europe” continues to support its initiatives in the US by promoting The Sweet Bordeaux wines and its territory throughout multiple educational events in the US.

On June 13th, in New York City, there will be a luncheon at Temperance Wine Bar, an electric wine bar in the “village.” Temperance Wine Bar, serves over 100+ wines by-the-glass and none by the bottle. This encourages guests to sample multiple different wines all diverse in style. The food is an array of small plates inspired from many different cuisines and countries making it easy for guests to explore with different pairings. In addition, Temperance Wine Bar is owned and managed by top sommelier A.J. Pons, who also holds his WSET level 3. This event will involve a dozen importers who will taste Bordeaux wines in a tasting paired with a lunch.

The same day, there will also be a dinner dedicated to distributors at The Gallery at Odo, a private space featuring a japanese kaiseki speakeasy. The restaurant will offer a unique experience for the guests and is a perfect location for discussion and networking.These events will be led by Mary Gorman, Master of Wine, specializing in Bordeaux Wines.

On June 15th, in Chicago there will be another event held at Bottles Up from 12-2 pm located at 3164 N Broadway St. Chicago, IL 60657. Bottles Up is a bottle shop + experience consisting of a team who take great pride in caring for the world and what it’s drinking. The event will be led by Kristen Ellis, experienced sales and marketing professional, events manager, and wine educator holding advanced certifications in wines and spirits with over twelve years’ experience in the sales, beverage, and service industries.

This event will also involve a dozen importers who will taste a selection of Sweet Bordeaux wines from the main appellations, such as Côtes de Bordeaux Saint MacaireSainte Croix du MontPremières Côtes de BordeauxCéronsCadillacBordeaux Supérieur and finally Bordeaux Moelleux. These appellations produce wines that pair beautifully with anything from white meat, cheese, duck and even sushi.

From 2021, “The Charming Taste of Europe” campaign, co-financed by the European Union, promotes the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kavala (Kavala COOP), the Agricultural Cooperative of Rachi Pieria (“Agios Loukas”) the Vini d’ Abruzzo consortium and the Union of Sweet Bordeaux Wines. The campaign focuses on raising awareness of these high-quality products in the American and Canadian market.

About the Charming Taste of Europe:
Europe, a place with timeless charm, is the birthplace of some of the highest-quality products in the world. The Charming Taste of Europe is a special project that introduces exquisite specialties to the United States and Canada, such as Italian and French wines, and fresh fruits from Greece, that showcase Europe’s charm, beauty, culture, history, art, heritage and unmistakable tastes.

The mission of the Charming Taste of Europe, co-funded by the European Union, is to increase awareness of the merits and quality standards of select European wines and fresh fruits with promotional activities in the competitive markets of the U.S. and Canada. The Charming Taste of Europe is promoted by the Consortium for the Protection of Wines of Abruzzo, the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kavala (Kavala COOP), the Agricultural Cooperative of Rachi Pieria “Agios Loukas” and the Union of Sweet Bordeaux Wines. These European agricultural products, famous around the world for their outstanding qualities, will continue to be promoted with initiatives and events for consumers, journalists and trade professionals. For more information visit

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