We have another round of canned cocktails for the Rendezvous: An In-depth Look at RTD Cocktails campaign; this time from Heritage Distilling from Washington state. The distillery is the largest independently owned craft distillery in the Pacific Northwest and operates six tasting rooms in Washington and Oregon. And for the last nine years, Heritage has won more awards than any other craft distillery in North America from the American Distilling Institute.

The canned cocktails are a relatively new addition to their portfolio and the recipes use existing Heritage spirits, syrups, and other flavors, and a little soda water for effervescence and to keep the ABV below 7%.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy consists of Heritage Vodka, lemon juice, and soda water. Refreshing just as it is, would only add another slice of lemon.

Gin Jam Fizzzz is their Elk Rider Gin, raspberry jam, and soda water. Very fruit-forward and botanicals stand out on the nose. Augment with a dose more of gin to tame the berries.

Blood Orange Vodkarita is comprised of Heritage Vodka, blood orange flavoring, margarita mix, and soda water. An orange crush.

Peach Bourbon comes from Heritage Bourbon combined with peach bourbon syrup, lemon flavor, and soda water. Peaches everywhere, nose, body, and finish. Added some rye whiskey to tame the peaches and add a little spice.