BevFluencer Spotlight on Chandler Tomayko

DECEMBER 22, 2022


Chandler Tomayko in Five Questions

Chandler is a perfect example of our community of diverse experts. She is bright, hardworking, has tons of experience in the kitchen and behind the bar! But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself in our Q&A with Chandler…

How did you get started in the industry? I started as a dishwasher, went to culinary school in Central America, and worked my way through several kitchens until I climb to the top of the ladder. I ran kitchens and opened concepts across various countries and transitioned behind the bar and became a consultant as well as an instructor. 

What inspires your content? It may sound cliché, but life. I’m inspired by day-to-day things. Whether they are generational hand-me-down recipes or a park I might be fishing in that has wild things growing.  

“I approached the bar like a chef and I approached the kitchen with the knowledge of multiple grandmothers.”-Chandler Tomayko

Who do you work with to help motivate you, or share ideas with? I tried to diversify the people that I work with in the sense that not everyone is in the service industry. I think it is wonderful to branch out within the industry, therefore, I tried to work with bakers, butchers, coffee roasters, etc. Etc. However, I also surround myself with people who consume the things that our industry puts out. I regularly convene with mechanics, ranch owners, call center operators, or health care providers. 

What were My favorites things this year? My favorite things! This year we’re finding lots of little haunts and places to hang out within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I also discovered various new spirits, bitters, and ingredients to work with. 

What is the best experience you have had in the industry? It’s a really hard question. I’ve been in the industry so long that it’s hard to pick the best experience. I will say the best takeaway I have from the industry is that no matter where you go in the world, people come together over food or drinks and it creates moments that get us through life and keep us pushing to experience more of what the world has to offer. 


How Do BevFluencers Impact the Industry?

Expertise & Education

Unlike many other industries, it is hard to share content about wine, beer, spirits, etc. without first educating yourself. Sometimes that educational path turns into certifications in unique niches.  

Cocktail savants, wine writers, retailers/distributors, and everywhere in-between gather with BevFluence® throughout the year deep-dive into select beverages. After an intensive 2-3 months of tasting, documenting, and analyzing, BevFluencers share their expertise with the producers and to the digital world.

Passion & Movement

Passion is heady stuff. Not only to those that live life by their passions but also to those around them. Sharing one’s passion so vividly that their audience is moved to join in the experience is one of the strongest impacts BevFluencers have on the beverage industry.

Our overabundance of passion is why we at BevFluence® complement all our tasting campaigns with equally impactful creative content and influencer marketing campaign. Taking the extra time to create social media content, blogs, vlogs, videos, and photos expertise helps BevFluencers turn expertise into movement (trends, marketing, brand awareness, sales) about beverages. 

New Perspectives on Cider, Perry, and Brandy 

We look forward to working with every BevFluencer we spotlight in the new year as we first explore the world of Cider, Perry, and Brandy. Our tasting and marketing campaign will include deep dives into cider making, consumption, styles, cocktail recipes, and food pairings. Producers who sign up with us will have their beverages presented to a combination of industry experts, mixologists, bartenders, creators, bloggers, writers, and other media – and across the craft beverage landscape. This will generate new perspectives about cider, perry, and brandy from creators who range from cider novices to experts and these perspectives will cascade to their followers for many years to come.


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