The Best of BevFluence®, a comprehensive suite of BevFluence® services.

Traditionally, BevFluence® has provided three services based on three distinct engagement models: Campaign, Competition, and Experience. The Campaign model is based upon an influencer marketing campaign utilizing our propriety methodology to amplify engagement based on our many years within the craft beverage industry. BevFluence® curates the content creators among our BevFluencer community, including industry experts, mixologists, bartenders, creators, bloggers, writers, and other media. Brands utilize the BevFluence® Collaborations platform to monitor engagement and communicate directly with the content creators. The Competition model is based on a traditional blind judging competition, but in our case, the judges could be a mix of industry professionals and consumers. After the competition, brands can view the scores and tasting notes of the individual judges using the BevFluence® Collaborations platform and download any medals for future use. Finally, the Experience model is based on a traditional press trip to a region, yet with notable enhancements. Not only do we bring content creators from outside the region to visit local establishments, but we also bring outside craft beverages to share with local content creators. We also include the local culinary markets to feed the participants and incorporate local bartenders and mixologists to create recipes in a Bartender Lab.

For 2023 we decided to combine these models into a single year-long service, which we call the Best of BevFluence®. Think of this service as equal parts influencer marketing campaign, blind tasting, and professional review platforms, with a dash of bartender lab as the cherry on top. Shake and get more value than any other marketing concept. The Campaign model will be implemented using a publishing schedule determined by the number of registrations within each product category. Brands are encouraged to register early to influence this schedule. But if you register after the publication of your product category, no worries; your products will be incorporated into the third quarter “All Categories” schedule. The Competition model will be implemented as a blind tasting within multiple mini-Experiences scheduled throughout the year. These mini-Experiences will initially revolve around the three home offices of the BevFluence® leadership (San Francisco, New York, and Washington, DC) and any full Experiences implemented in 2023. Some of these Experiences will include a bartender lab at the end of the judging period that allows mixologists, bartenders, and cocktail chefs to experiment with all entries, creating new unique recipes that will be published as the Best of BevFluence® Cocktail Book. Finally, all entrants and winners will be featured on the year-end Best of BevFluence® Recap on BevFluence®.com, which will then be shared and amplified within the BevFluence® member community. This content will be generated during the 4th quarter of 2023 and will be ready for all end-of-year reviews. 

Once a brand registers, they will view the Brand Guidelines on the Best of BevFluence®® details page, which will include specific instructions on their responsibilities and where to send samples. Generally, a brand will need to send two to six samples each to two of the BevFluence® offices, which we would then use at the Experiences and in the influencer campaign under the WineCompass, Wizard of Whiskey, and Swig and Ramble influencer channels. At the same time, BevFluence® will match each entry with two or three BevFluence®rs who would then be sent one sample of each product. This matching information will be provided via email and on the BevFluence® Collaborations platform, where brands will be required to enter the tracking number for each shipment. Once the samples are shipped, brands should follow the campaign interaction and experiences on the platform’s Dashboard. 

Sit back, relax, and watch the online content flow and intensify.

Initial registration is $195 per product until May 31st and then raises to $295 afterward.