In September 2019, the BevFluence team traveled to Denver to kick off the BevFluence Experience, a regional
event which enriched the local community by networking and collaboration with local influencers. The goal of the
event was to introduce the local influencers to both local beverage producers and to regions and states outside of
Denver. In this latter case, we introduced the influencers to wines from Colorado, Michigan, and Virginia through
each state’s Governor’s Cup Case Club. And to invigorate these tastings, we sampled these wines on their own and
paired them with various candies. The BevFluence team also scheduled tasting events at several establishments
where the team introduced the local influencers to the establishments. Together, we discussed with the
establishment’s strategies for engaging with the local community – both consumers and influencers.
There have been several promising results from this experience. The influencers published multiple blog posts and
videos describing their experience which were all shared through social media platforms. Even more important
were the relationships created between the local influencers, beverage establishments, and the Colorado Wine
Board (CWB). The influencers have scheduled outings and events at these establishments. And reciprocally, the
establishments and CWB have reached out to the influencers to help organize and implement events on their

“The BevFluence team visited Colorado during late summer 2019. They reached out to several wineries on their own and requested samples of the Colorado Governor’s Cup Collection from the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board. We also provided them with some additional background resources for the Colorado wine industry. During the short time they were here, they made great use of the contacts, samples, and information they received and leveraged those resources into dozens of social media posts focusing on our industry which brought the message of Colorado wine to thousands of consumers. We are grateful that the BevFluence team made Colorado a stop on their travels and offered their support to our wineries.” – Doug Caskey Executive Director Colorado Wine Industry Development Board

“Karen and I thoroughly enjoyed the event and learned a lot from the BevFluence team. We are working on how to
move forward with several of the local opportunities that they recommended to us on marketing strategy.” – Doug
Kingman, Kingman Estate Winery | Fine Colorado Wines