To kick off the launch of the BevFluence Collaborations platform, BevFluence partnered with the Ryland Peters & Small publishing house to promote several cocktail books. However, the campaign focused on one book: Negroni: More than 30 Classic and Modern Recipes for Italy’s Iconic Cocktail. We are in the process of completing the campaign for the other books.

Ten BevFluence community members participated in the campaign, sharing their thoughts on the books through various social media and provider platforms. Through several years of participating in online tastings and media excursions, the BevFluence team has developed a methodology to share and amplify content across multiple platforms. The participants utilized this methodology throughout the campaign, which included two Zoom sessions with Negroni authors David T. Smith and Keli Rivers. In these sessions, campaign participants interacted with the authors and shared their favorite cocktails from the book, along with any enhancements they made.