Attention Spirits Brands: Baltimore Speakeasy & Bartender Lab 2024

BevFluence® is coming to Baltimore this August! We’ll close out the summer with a week of imbibing experiences. Starting with a day of tasting and education with Eric Kozlik, Tracie Franklin, and others…Followed by a day at our content studio, where media has the opportunity to collaborate and create stunning evergreen content as a community. We’ll round out the week with bartender lab days in which bartenders, other industry professionals, and media cut loose and get creative with your spirits and a wide range of innovative ingredients.  

Register your products here. And use the SPEAKEASY discount code. Within the Event Details page, view the Brand Guidelines to see where to send your sample products.

This Speakeasy is part Bartender Lab and part Content Studio. Don’t miss out.

  • Product Education & Training: We’ll work with you to develop engaging workshops that educate our bartenders on your brand story, unique features, and optimal use in cocktail creation.
  • Brand Integration: Get your brand directly into the hands of our bartenders through product tastings, mixology challenges, and recipe development sessions.
  • Menu Placement: Creativity brings new placements. Partner with us to increase the chances of your brand appearing on high-volume bar menus.
  • Social Media Recognition: Benefit from co-branded social media campaigns and influencer marketing opportunities through our extensive network of passionate bartenders.

Value Proposition

  • Brands get in depth education options, time with bartenders, new media introductions and new recipes.
  • Space in the house for brand assets. Content studio with evergreen content.
  • Tasting notes, cocktail recipes, social media posts, blog articles, and podcast mentions.

Events Schedule

Saturday August 24th: Seminar with Eric Kozlik, Tracie Franklin, & Others
Provide more than an overview of Maryland and East Coast beverage culture and products. We want to deep dive into everything the area has to offer. We’re here to be seen and help your brand gain the attention and admiration of those passionate about spirits.

Sunday August 25th: Content Studio
We build evergreen content and encourage our community to do the same. Each session focuses on providing the best benefit to both brands and attendees.
Showcase spirits, foods, and culture in all content we create, right down to the risotto pairings.

Monday August 26th: Bartender Lab
There’s so much to share about Maryland and the people who make it great. We’re partnering with local media and influencers to ensure local products get broad attention. At BevFluence, our curated events give our community the creative environment to learn, play, and grow. For Baltimore, we focus on bartenders and media who want to collaborate, create, and share.

Tuesday and Wednesday August 27th-28th: Bartender Lab & Content Studio
This August, we want to promote brands to media, bartenders, and influencers. We’ll be in Baltimore, working with local professionals to educate them about spirits, cocktail creativity, and pairings.


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