Who’s Ready for the Best of BevFluence® 2023?

The Best of BevFluence®, a comprehensive suite of BevFluence® services.

Traditionally, BevFluence® has provided three services based on three distinct engagement models: Campaign, Competition, and Experience. The Campaign model is based upon an influencer marketing campaign utilizing our propriety methodology to amplify engagement based on our many years within the craft beverage industry. BevFluence® curates the content creators among our BevFluencer community, including industry experts, mixologists, bartenders, creators, bloggers, writers, and other media. Brands utilize the BevFluence® Collaborations platform to monitor engagement and communicate directly with the content creators. The Competition model is based on a traditional blind judging competition, but in our case, the judges could be a mix of industry professionals and consumers. After the competition, brands can view the scores and tasting notes of the individual judges using the BevFluence® Collaborations platform and download any medals for future use. Finally, the Experience model is based on a traditional press trip to a region, yet with notable enhancements. Not only do we bring content creators from outside the region to visit local establishments, but we also bring outside craft beverages to share with local content creators. We also include the local culinary markets to feed the participants and incorporate local bartenders and mixologists to create recipes in a Bartender Lab.

For 2023 we decided to combine these models into a single year-long service, which we call the Best of BevFluence®. Think of this service as equal parts influencer marketing campaign, blind tasting, and professional review platforms, with a dash of bartender lab as the cherry on top. Shake and get more value than any other marketing concept. The Campaign model will be implemented using a publishing schedule determined by the number of registrations within each product category. Brands are encouraged to register early to influence this schedule. But if you register after the publication of your product category, no worries; your products will be incorporated into the third quarter “All Categories” schedule. The Competition model will be implemented as a blind tasting within multiple mini-Experiences scheduled throughout the year. These mini-Experiences will initially revolve around the three home offices of the BevFluence® leadership (San Francisco, New York, and Washington, DC) and any full Experiences implemented in 2023. Some of these Experiences will include a bartender lab at the end of the judging period that allows mixologists, bartenders, and cocktail chefs to experiment with all entries, creating new unique recipes that will be published as the Best of BevFluence® Cocktail Book. Finally, all entrants and winners will be featured on the year-end Best of BevFluence® Recap on BevFluence®.com, which will then be shared and amplified within the BevFluence® member community. This content will be generated during the 4th quarter of 2023 and will be ready for all end-of-year reviews. 

Once a brand registers, they will view the Brand Guidelines on the Best of BevFluence®® details page, which will include specific instructions on their responsibilities and where to send samples. Generally, a brand will need to send two to six samples each to two of the BevFluence® offices, which we would then use at the Experiences and in the influencer campaign under the WineCompass, Wizard of Whiskey, and Swig and Ramble influencer channels. At the same time, BevFluence® will match each entry with two or three BevFluence®rs who would then be sent one sample of each product. This matching information will be provided via email and on the BevFluence® Collaborations platform, where brands will be required to enter the tracking number for each shipment. Once the samples are shipped, brands should follow the campaign interaction and experiences on the platform’s Dashboard. 

Sit back, relax, and watch the online content flow and intensify.

Initial registration is $195 per product until March 31st and then raises to $295 afterward.

Rendezvous: An In-depth Look at RTD Cocktails Campaign

Overwhelming Engagement

BevFluence partnered with multiple brands where their ready-to-drink products were presented to a combination of industry experts, mixologists, bartenders, creators, bloggers, writers, and other media. Twenty-two BevFluence community members participated in this campaign, sharing their thoughts on 33 RTDs from eight producers. The posts were a combination of photos, videos, and interviews with the brands and highlighted the RTDs’ portability and the various recipes. All posts were amplified across multiple platforms through BevFluence’s proprietary methodology. The participants utilized this methodology throughout the campaign, including two Zoom sessions, sharing agreements, and overlapping comments. Within four months between May and August 2022, the campaign’s hashtags (#rtdbevfluence, #underthebevfluence, #bevfluence) reached over 4.6 million impressions from just under 100 influencer posts. There were 1.1 thousand mentions within this period and 9.4 thousand interactions.


Working with us means commitment and growth

CC DesRosiers, Proprietor Troop Beverage Company

It was great working with the Bevfluence team and the group of influencers. As a small company, we didn’t have the time or resources to search for the right influencers who are passionate about food & bev and have an engaged following. Bevfluence made this very easy, and the group of influencers we worked with were engaged and responsive. Would definitely consider doing another campaign with the Bevfluence team in the future!

Sydney Rainin-Smith, Proprietor Laughing Glass Cocktails

Thanks for inviting us to participate. We enjoyed the campaign quite a bit and were impressed with the posts. And we really enjoyed the Swig and Ramble interview.

Virginia Cider Week & Cider Smackdown: Attack of the Crab

Virginia Cider Week & Cider Smackdown: Attack of the Crab

Virginia Cider Week started last Friday and runs through November 20th and we attended the kickoff event Cider Smackdown: Attack of the Crab at Albemarle CiderWorks. This event was a blind tasting of eight Virginia ciders composed of crab apples and the entries consisted of either Virginia Hewes, Wickson, or Rub Ted Crabapple.

Hewe’s Crab was the most common fruit variety grown in eighteenth-century Virginia. It is thought to be a cross between the native American crabapple, Malus angustifolia, and the domesticated European apple of horticulture. It produces a delicious cinnamon-flavored cider that is both sugary and pungent. Jefferson planted his entire north orchard exclusively with this variety and once wrote that crushing the juicy Hewe’s Crab for cider was like “squeezing a wet sponge.” Its small, round fruit, which ripens in September in Central Virginia, is dull red and streaked with green. (monticello.org)

Wickson Crab was developed by Albert Etter, an apple enthusiast best known for his work on pink-fleshed and red-fleshed apples. Wickson was the result of crossing two other crab apple varieties. Confusingly Etter refers to them as Spitzenberg crab and Newtown crab in his patent papers, but it is not thought they are related to the mainstream apples of the same names but were crabs developed by Etter himself…Like most crab apples Wickson is very small and is also a hardy and problem-free tree. However, that is where the resemblance to other crab apples ends. Wickson is unusually sweet, but at the same time has a strong acid component. The result is an apple that has a very strong flavor, making it an excellent component for cider blends. (orangepippin.com)

Ruby Red is a chance seedling that actually originates from the property. The tree was found behind an old cabin at the base of Priest Mountain by John Saunders and after noting the apples’ intense flavor and colored flesh, they chose to propagate the apple for commercial purposes. (Troddenvale at Oakley Farm

The Cider Smackdown was a blind tasting where attendees voted on their two favorites or a single favorite getting both votes. Each of the ciders was completely unique even those composed of the same apple varieties, as cellar techniques varied among the cideries. The Albemarle CiderWorks Wickson Crab received the most votes followed by a three-way tie of the Sage Bird Cider Virginia Hewes Crab,  Halcyon Days Cider Occam’s Razor, and Big Fish Cider Virginia Hewes Crab.  I had recognized the Sage Bird Hewes Crab from opening a bottle a few weeks previously when studying for the CCP. Love the fleshy tart and bittersweet notes. My other vote went to the Potter’s Craft Cider Wickson Crab (which finished in a three-way tie with the Lost Boy Cider Cellar Series: Hewes and Courthouse Creek Cider Crabtree Falls.  The Potter’s Wickson Crab was aged in French oak wine barrels and was able to retain tartness and acidity while providing red currants on the nose and a full body palate.  The Troddenvale Grower Series, Silver Creek Orchards – 2021 rounded out the entries and this was my first taste of a Ruby Red Crabapple cider. There was an interesting farmhouse hoppy flavor combined with creamy lees and a bittersharp finish.

We came home with a bottle each of the Albemarle CiderWorks Wickson Crab and Halcyon Days Occam’s Razor but hope to revisit all of these ciders during the BevFluence® New Perspectives on Cider, Perry, and Brandy campaign. All ciders are welcome for the campaign. Cheers. 

BevFluence® is Launching the New Perspectives on Cider, Perry, and Brandy Campaign

Let me introduce you to our BevFluence® Collaborations platform and latest campaign: Cider: New Perspectives on Cider, Perry, and Brandy. We created the BevFluence® Collaborations Campaign (BCC) to expand influencer engagement by leveraging the BevFluence® community. We have devised and tested our proprietary methodology for accelerating social media distribution and require our members to adhere to specific regulations throughout the campaign. This methodology includes scheduling social media posts at the optimal time, sharing, and working with brand participants to engage within our platform.

After an incredibly successful Rendezvous: An In-depth Look at RTD Cocktails campaign, the BevFluence® team is jumping right back in with a passion project – Cider: New Perspectives on Cider, Perry, and Brandy. The BevFluence® team is comprised of cider enthusiasts (BevFluence® founders Justin, a Certified Cider Professional, and Todd, a tried-and-true cider lover) and cider aficionados among the team of influencers. This campaign will operate during the late summer and fall and feature cider, perry, and apple or pear brandy from across the globe. It will also include deep dives into cider making, consumption, styles, cocktail recipes, and food pairings. The products will be presented to a combination of industry experts, mixologists, bartenders, creators, bloggers, writers, and other media – and across the craft beverage landscape. This will generate new perspectives about cider, perry, and brandy from creators who range from cider novices to experts and these perspectives will cascade to their followers.

We curate only the most diverse palates, particularly those that will be tough but fair. You will get to know these creators as part of our community through group tastings and one-on-one interviews. Dozens of creators have already signed up and are salivating for this campaign to barrage you with posts and discussions about your brand (unless you live in a cave, that is). This campaign is far superior to your typical trade show as we go deeper and aim for more impact than the usual one-post or five-minute meet and greet. If you want to grow your business and meaningfully engage your consumer, this is the campaign you need to be part of.

You can view more information on the BevFluence® Collaborations platform. Once the campaign commences, you will use this platform to engage the creators, view posts and professional tasting notes, and experience the engagement dashboard.

Registration will run through early 2023 and the price per each product registration is $225, but we have enacted early bird pricing of $195 per product registration through February 4th. Cider and brandy associations can contact us for further discounts for their members.

For each product registered, the brands must send (6) samples to each BevFluence® Regional Office, as well as a sample to each Influencer we assign (3-4 influencers). That equals 15-16 total samples. All of the requirements are outlined in the campaign guidelines once you log in to the BevFluence® Collaborations platform.

What is BevFluence®?

BevFluence®, LLC (BevFluence) was founded in 2017 and is made up of active members of the food & beverage industry – experts with decades of experience. This group of well-respected and highly sought-after professionals is dedicated to building and strengthening the professional food & beverage media community through education, collaboration, and expanding access for both brands and creators. Founded by media professionals to create the change for our clients that define the future, you get us all (for the cost of a single consultant in some other companies) – a team dedicated to growing your business over the long term. Our Team is made of wine, whiskey, technology, marketing, social media, hospitality, culinary, and beverage industry experts.

Cider Canada / Cidre Canada – an Association for Cider Producers in Canada

Cider Canada / Cidre Canada, an association for cider producers in Canada, brings together cider markers and their provincial associations to develop a stronger community of producers, as well as a vibrant cider industry in Canada.

Cider in Canada is a quickly growing industry, from only a handful of producers in the 2000s to now over 370 producers across Canada in all provinces (and but one territory!). Similar to the craft beer movement, cider in Canada now employs an estimated 5,000 full-time and 4,000 part-time employees with an estimated 39 million total liters of product each year. This makes cider the 4th largest alcoholic beverage behind beer, wine (which cider is currently classified under), and spirits.

Their members range from multi-million dollar producers who support thousands of jobs across the country to small, farm-based producers who are key economic drivers in their rural communities. They are currently facing large production cost increases due to the increased price of apples and juice, transportation, bottle/can availability, labor, and inflation touching nearly every aspect of their business, especially after the pandemic.

The organization focuses on six primary services for its members in order to alleviate these burdens:

Lobbying & Advocacy: Working alongside the provincial associations to support Provincial and Federal changes including tax, distribution, and awareness with elected officials and paid staff.

Education: Working alongside the Cider Institute of North America, Cider Canada / Cidre Canada provides education and training opportunities in multiple formats.

Services: Members get access to special discounts to help with operations, including equipment, insurance, health benefits, and much more through a network of industry partners.

News: Members get access to provincial, national and international news around cider, perry, alcohol, and more as a member.

Community: Members get access to special community groups via e-mail, Facebook, and Instagram.

Grant Support: Members get help in writing and submitting to various grant programs.

For the remainder of 2022, membership is free with other investment opportunities available. The BevFluence team is actively working with Cider Canada / Cidre Canada to investigate common areas of engagement and benefits for each of our members. Stay tuned…..