Our campaigns are like no other. You are able to get amazing content and metrics at the click of a button. 

Once you register for campaigns with the BevFluence Platform you will be on your way to seeing how powerful our system is. 

Send us your products following our rules and get assured of great content by our team and our creators. We handpick only the best and love the content they create.

What OUR platform does



I can send to any BevFluencer I want, why do I need you?

Who has the time to try and track down the best people much less follow-up and get results. We do that and more. You will never again have to spend hours everyday looking for the best talent. 

How are we different from a marketing agency? 

We don’t have clients, we are different in that we can and like to work with everyone. Everyone from an entire region or AOC to a single winery in Idaho. We are loyal to the industry that we work in and love to experience it all. 

What if my product was flawed, bad or off or broken? 

We will let you know before anything is posted and you will have the chance to re-submit new samples. 

Do you have any POS tools for download? 

Yes at the end of the year we produce what is called the Best of BevFluence. All entries are automatically entered and those that are chosen by our panel get additional social media and downloadable content to use for OND. 

When will I get my analytics results? 

Campaign blocks are published 90 days from the end of the deadline. We begin coverage at the end of one cycle for the other. 


Every entry receives:

  • A Professional tasting note by our BevFluence expert panel 
  • A published review on our platform 
  • An interview scheduled and coordinated by us with the BevFluencers chosen for the campaign 
    • Can be prerecorded or an emailed response to questions provided in the platform 
  • Our analytics are a cut above, you get to know exactly where the campaign was most successful and why. Our metrics are unparalleled. You will learn not only where your products went, and get to see how many likes, and engagements but we go into geotagging specs to help you learn where your next sales target could be. 


Wine results are published by the BevFluence starting 90 days from the deadline with a 5 day grace period for shipping

Spirits results are published by BevFluencers 90 days from the deadline with a 7 day grace period for shipping 

Beer, Cider, RTD’s and non-alc categories results are published by BevFluencers  90 days after the deadline date with a 5 day grace period for shipping. 

The products will then be sampled in a series of tastings including

  • Virtual
  • On site experiences
  • On your own
  • Collaborative tastings
  • Blind tastings
  • Expert/team lead tastings
  • Virtual tastings with the producer

 How many samples in total need to be sent? 

2- 750 ml or equivalent to our regional offices (each office gets two samples so we can provide bi-coastal experiences twice a year) 

5 creators per entry total of 7 or 12 if you choose extra creators. 

What happens to my samples?

All samples sent to the BevFluence regional offices are sampled by our bi-coastal expert panels, then by the creators then used in photos, videos, content creation, bartender reviews and cocktail creations. One entry: multiple uses and opportunities. Not just one and done. Each entry is used in at least 2 different content opportunities. 

 Can I send samples to my distributor for pickup? NO

 Who are the judges/ creators who review?

A combination of industry experts, buyers, mixologists, bartenders, creators, bloggers, writers and other media. We curate only the most diverse palates and those who will be tough but fair. We do also add consumers to the mix as well for a balanced, fair and inclusive review. You will get to know these creators as part of our community. 

 How do I pack samples? 

Wines: 2 bottles to each regional office. 4 bottles per entry total. 1 bottle each influencer so, total 9 bottles per entry will need to be shipped for each campaign. 

 Why so many bottles? 

We have the greatest exposure to influencers and content creators. All entries are tasted at our regional experiences as well allowing greater exposure to your wines. 10-25 creators per entry at minimum. 

We do not guarantee more than 15 with an entry. 

 Can I send minis? 

Yes, once samples of 750 or equivalent are sent to the BevFluence regional office smaller samples may be sent to influencers as part of a campaign. 

 Will you pack and ship? 

We are currently not set up to ship wine and beer but spirits can be shipped from our offices in smaller format bottles if labels are provided for an additional fee. 

How do we publish reviews?

In addition to influencer content that is created during a campaign ALL entries are posted on the Bevflunece.com platform and website for people to browse. 

Do I have to pay anything to see posts or to the creators? 

Nope we take care of that. 

Can I recommend or ask for certain creators?

Yes, you are welcome to. 

Optional Add-ons 

  • Pre-release/pre-launch reviews, developmental tastings, or comparative tastings and analyses with competitive brands.
  • We offer a wide range of consulting  options from marketing, and social media plans to revamping your retail or wholesale plans. 
  • Opportunity to present at sessions during our experiences 
  • Consumer focused virtual tastings
    • Send the samples and we do the rest. 15-45 people will be able to attend these tastings. All you need to do is smile and have a great zoom face. 


You will not be spammed with tons of new influencers looking for free products.  Your information will also not be shared.