BevFluence Advisory Committee is comprised of professionals who work across all media platforms: bloggers, podcasters, live streamers, filmmakers, and writers. This group of well-respected and highly sought-after media professionals is dedicated to building and strengthening the professional beverage media community through learning, collaboration, and increased media access to the beverage industry. Founded by media professionals to create the change we want.

Advisory Board

because everyone needs minions...

Kris Ballard

Nebraska Wine Tours 

Julia Coney

Rebekah Sharpe

Social Media


Matt Sharpe

Wine Expert/ Logistics


Justin Koury

CEO / Founder 

Jennifer Nelson

Wine Antics

Todd Godbout

Wine Compass 

Jason “Stub” Stubblefield

Cork Envy 

Donita Dyer

Cork Affairs

Alina Ferguson

One Girl One Glass 

Mykha’el Wilson


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