Todd Godbout

Thirteen years ago Todd Godbout entered the craft beverage sector by creating the website in order to better grasp the latest in web technology.  A blog quickly followed which documented his travels to local wineries and exposure to various wine grapes and regions. Jim Corcoran, of Corcoran Vineyards, often notes that Todd was very influential in helping publicize the early years of the modern Virginia wine industry.

As the various craft beverage industries expanded, WineCompass’ focus expanded as well as craft beer, spirits, and cider were quickly integrated into the website and blog.  Over time Todd has leveraged his contacts to create the Virginia Wine TV and MyJoogTV video series, the later pairing musicians with local craft beverage producers. And lately, a desire to learn Android development led to the creation of theCompass Craft Beverage Finder mobile application.

Todd hopes to share his experience participated in numerous beverage conferences such as the, the Wine Bloggers Conference, and TasteCamp to help craft an informative and entertaining BevFluence symposium.