Cocktail Book Program 2021 Book Club

Welcome to the BevFluence Cocktail Program sponsored by Ryland Peters & Small. Here are the minimal content requirements per participant.

  1. Please use all of these tags and Hashtags for each post.
    #CocktailswithBevfluence #Allthebooks #Negroni
    Keli Rivers: @allofthedrinks
    David Smith: @summerfruitcup
    Instagram: @rylandpetersandsmall
    Twitter: @RylandPeters
    FB: @RylandPetersandSmall

  2. Virtual Tastings
    Each participant will participate in at least two Author Virtual interviews.
    Each participant will attend ALL virtual book club meetings which can include the author
    if they are available.
    Each book club meeting will be scheduled once a month and should last an hour if not
    more, where we will discuss the books, the recipes and give general thoughts. Then it
    could easily devolve into what these clubs are all about, hanging out and getting to know
    each other.

  3. Foundational Content
    Each Core Blog/Livestream/Video/Podcast will include:
    a) 1,000 words +
    b) A review of what you thought of the book.
    c) What did you enjoy, what was fun, which recipes you tried.
    d) Linkbacks to Authors/publisher and BevFluence
    e) Once a blog post is published please send via email to &

    *If you do not have a blog please write a review and we will find a place to get it published either
    on BevFluence or another outlet.

  4. Social Media Content
    Each participant should publish at least three posts per social media channel per book
    This includes
    ● Videos making a cocktail,
    ● Produce and photograph two cocktail recipes per book (at least)
    ● Picture of the book or pages and excerpts you liked
    ● Stories
    ● Interviews with authors
    ● Pictures of the group
    ● Include the hashtags listed above in every post and story
    ● Tag 10 people
    ● 3 posts please
    ● Include the hashtags #XXX in every post and story
    ● Tag 10 people
    ● 2 stories per BOOK +
    ● 3 posts please per book
    ● Tag 10 people
    ● Include the hashtags #XXX in every post and story
    ● 3 posts please
    *if you do not use Twitter, please add these posts to another channel
    These are the minimum requirements to participate but there is plenty of time over the next few
    months to have some fun, read some books, and make some cocktails. Include pairing or tasting
    *Please tag other members of the group in your social media post as described above