RTD Cocktails Profile: Post Meridiem

We’ve learned from the highly successful Rendezvous: An In-depth Look at RTD Cocktails campaign that RTDs come in flavors, percent alcohol, and size. One brand that has stood out despite its diminutive size is Post Meridiem Spirits, a producer from Atlanta, Georgia. Their RTDs are intended to directly correlate to a craft cocktail so each can is 100ml in size and equates to a standard cocktail pour. In addition, these rugged – yet artistic cans – are encased in a steel wall, encouraging their portability for hikes, picnics, beach visits, and foreign travel. Post Meridiem also provides transparency regarding the ingredients – proudly displaying the cocktail recipe directly underneath the cocktail name. And finally, these are not low alcohol crushable RTDs, these are true cocktails with the alcohol content reflecting what would normally be expected in the targeted recipe.

Our influencers received a combination of four cocktails: The Modern Classic Cosmopolitan, The Double Old Fashioned, The Real Lime Juice Margarita, and The London Dry Southside. Their favorites varied but all appreciated the portability, transparency, and quality of each cocktail recipe. Here are some of the Instagram posts from the participants.

Princess Nohelani
Let Her Drink Wine

San Diego Trade Industry & Media Wine Tasting – Santa Barbara Vintners

You are cordially invited to an exclusive intimate wine tasting experience on Thursday, June 16th, from 4 pm – 7 pm at Luce Loft in downtown San Diego. Register here.

Hosted by Santa Barbara Vintners, a non-profit trade association, this special evening will feature top producers from Santa Barbara Wine Country, which was honored last fall as “Wine Region of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

What to expect: Taste acclaimed wines from 10 of Santa Barbara’s premier vintners, including wineries such as Foxen, Fiddlehead Cellars, Sanford Winery, Margerum, Miller Family Vineyards, Zaca Mesa, Folded Hills, Hitching Post, Dierberg, and Fess Parker.

  • Taste exclusive offerings brought in only for this event as well as wines grown from iconic vineyards such as Bien Nacido, Vogelzang, Sanford & Benedict and Star Lane.
  • Enjoy light bites paired with wines inspired in a fusion of styles from Santa Barbara meets San Diego!
  • Learn about Pop-Up Wine Events kicking off in San Diego this summer.
  • Hear about the recently launched Santa Barbara Vintners mobile app.
  • Meet more than a dozen winemakers to learn what makes the award-winning Santa Barbara wine region California’s hidden gem.

Alison Laslett, CEO of the Santa Barbara Vintners, will also be on hand to talk about the region as a world-class wine-producing and wine grape growing region, as well as an unmatched weekend getaway.

We hope you can join us for this special evening.

This is a San Diego Industry Trade* & Media event only please see below for what constitutes as ‘Trade / Industry’

Please RSVP to this email by Monday, June 6.

Wine Industry Trade & Media Community: Wine Servers, Wine Buyers, Sommeliers, Wine Brokers, Wine Distribution Representatives, Food & Beverage managers, restaurant managers, Wine club managers, Wine Bloggers, Podcast hosts, Documentary producers, Wine writers, Travel Writers, Travel Bloggers

RTD Cocktails Profile: iiCiNG Flavour Shots

“It was really simple …… we thought, why can’t we flavour alcohol like MIO flavours water. And with that thought, the brand was born. “, Paul Wolchuk, founder of iiCiNG Flavour Shots

iiCiNG Flavour Shots

iiCiNG Flavour Shots allows consumers to become their own bartenders by moving the flavouring to the final stage of consumption instead of dictating which flavours are used in the production of the RTD or hard seltzer. Wolchuk’s previous experience was co-packing for the beer industry and one of the consistent issues he noticed was that co-packing flavoured beer was constantly on hold for flavour profile issues. Then he thought, let the brewers create the beer and he will create the flavours. And more importantly, they wanted to ensure that iiCiNG had zero calories, zero sugar, and all-natural flavours.

Bourbon Root Beer

The flavoured alcohol market can be segmented into three categories (coolers, cocktails and hard sodas) and thus iiCiNG attempts to create flavours to fit into these buckets. The first three flavours were Root Beer, Pina Colada, and Raspberry Grapefruit which were then followed closely by Cherry Burst and Blueberry Bang. Kreamsicle and Limoncello are the final two flavours — although more are in the pipeline.

The entire premise of iiCiNG is to allow the consumer to control their flavour profile, not the bottler. You choose what to add it to, when, where and how much. According to Wolchuk, “it makes the drink experience as individual as you are.” He continues, ” all our flavours not only taste exactly like the flavour, but they look and smell like them. No BS, they do!”

We have devised several recipes that we will be trying and will be updating this post as we discover more ourselves and hear from the content creators. Cheers.

Bourbon Root Beer
2 oz bourbon
6 oz seltzer water, chilled
iiCiNG Root Beer to taste

2 ounces vodka
6 ounces chilled seltzer water
iiCiNG Lemoncello to taste

Pina Colada
4 oz rum
1 oz pineapple juice
1 oz cream
coconut flakes and pineapple chunks
iiCiNG Pina Colada to taste

Coffee Cherry Smash (inspired by Cocktail Contessa)
2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
½ oz coffee rum or coffee liqueur
iiCiNG Cherry Burst to taste

Sparkling Raspberry Grapefruit
6 oz sparkling wine
iiCiNG Raspberry Grapefruit to taste

Raspberry Grapefruit Margarita
4 oz 100% agave tequila
2 oz grapefruit juice
½ oz lime juice
iiCiNG Raspberry Grapefruit to taste

New York & Chicago: “The Charming Taste of Europe” to hold two promotional events in the US that explore the Sweet Wines of Bordeaux

The Charming Taste of Europe” continues to support its initiatives in the US by promoting The Sweet Bordeaux wines and its territory throughout multiple educational events in the US.

On June 13th, in New York City, there will be a luncheon at Temperance Wine Bar, an electric wine bar in the “village.” Temperance Wine Bar, serves over 100+ wines by-the-glass and none by the bottle. This encourages guests to sample multiple different wines all diverse in style. The food is an array of small plates inspired from many different cuisines and countries making it easy for guests to explore with different pairings. In addition, Temperance Wine Bar is owned and managed by top sommelier A.J. Pons, who also holds his WSET level 3. This event will involve a dozen importers who will taste Bordeaux wines in a tasting paired with a lunch.

The same day, there will also be a dinner dedicated to distributors at The Gallery at Odo, a private space featuring a japanese kaiseki speakeasy. The restaurant will offer a unique experience for the guests and is a perfect location for discussion and networking.These events will be led by Mary Gorman, Master of Wine, specializing in Bordeaux Wines.

On June 15th, in Chicago there will be another event held at Bottles Up from 12-2 pm located at 3164 N Broadway St. Chicago, IL 60657. Bottles Up is a bottle shop + experience consisting of a team who take great pride in caring for the world and what it’s drinking. The event will be led by Kristen Ellis, experienced sales and marketing professional, events manager, and wine educator holding advanced certifications in wines and spirits with over twelve years’ experience in the sales, beverage, and service industries.

This event will also involve a dozen importers who will taste a selection of Sweet Bordeaux wines from the main appellations, such as Côtes de Bordeaux Saint MacaireSainte Croix du MontPremières Côtes de BordeauxCéronsCadillacBordeaux Supérieur and finally Bordeaux Moelleux. These appellations produce wines that pair beautifully with anything from white meat, cheese, duck and even sushi.

From 2021, “The Charming Taste of Europe” campaign, co-financed by the European Union, promotes the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kavala (Kavala COOP), the Agricultural Cooperative of Rachi Pieria (“Agios Loukas”) the Vini d’ Abruzzo consortium and the Union of Sweet Bordeaux Wines. The campaign focuses on raising awareness of these high-quality products in the American and Canadian market.

About the Charming Taste of Europe:
Europe, a place with timeless charm, is the birthplace of some of the highest-quality products in the world. The Charming Taste of Europe is a special project that introduces exquisite specialties to the United States and Canada, such as Italian and French wines, and fresh fruits from Greece, that showcase Europe’s charm, beauty, culture, history, art, heritage and unmistakable tastes.

The mission of the Charming Taste of Europe, co-funded by the European Union, is to increase awareness of the merits and quality standards of select European wines and fresh fruits with promotional activities in the competitive markets of the U.S. and Canada. The Charming Taste of Europe is promoted by the Consortium for the Protection of Wines of Abruzzo, the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kavala (Kavala COOP), the Agricultural Cooperative of Rachi Pieria “Agios Loukas” and the Union of Sweet Bordeaux Wines. These European agricultural products, famous around the world for their outstanding qualities, will continue to be promoted with initiatives and events for consumers, journalists and trade professionals. For more information visit charmingtasteofeurope.eu

To Follow The Charming Taste of Europe Campaign:
Website: charmingtasteofeurope.eu
Facebook: @CharmingTasteofEU
Instagram: @charmeu_usa
YouTube: The Charming Taste of Europe
Hashtags: #thecharmingtasteofeu and #charmeu

The content of this promotion campaign represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility. The European Commission and the European Research Executive Agency (REA) do not accept any responsibility for any use that may be made of the information it contains

Cider: New Perspectives on Cider, Perry, and Brandy Campaign

Let me introduce you to our BevFluence Collaborations platform and latest campaign: Cider: New Perspectives on Cider, Perry, and Brandy. We created the BevFluence Collaborations Campaign (BCC) to expand influencer engagement by leveraging the BevFluence community. We have devised and tested our proprietary methodology for accelerating social media distribution and require our members to adhere to specific regulations throughout the campaign. This methodology includes scheduling social media posts at the optimal time, sharing, and working with brand participants to engage within our platform. 

After an incredibly successful Rendezvous: An In-depth Look at RTD Cocktails campaign, the BevFluence team is jumping right back in with a passion project – Cider: New Perspectives on Cider, Perry, and Brandy. The BevFluence team is comprised of cider enthusiasts (BevFluence founders Justin, a Certified Cider Professional, and Todd, a tried-and-true cider lover) and cider aficionados among the team of influencers. This campaign will operate during the late summer and fall and feature cider, perry, and apple or pear brandy from across the globe. It will also include deep dives into cider making, consumption, styles, cocktail recipes, and food pairings. The products will be presented to a combination of industry experts, mixologists, bartenders, creators, bloggers, writers, and other media – and across the craft beverage landscape. This will generate new perspectives about cider, perry, and brandy from creators who range from cider novices to experts and these perspectives will cascade to their followers. 

We curate only the most diverse palates, particularly those who will be tough but fair. You will get to know these creators as part of our community through group tastings and one-on-one interviews. Dozens of creators have already signed up and are salivating for this campaign to barrage you with posts and discussions about your brand (unless you live in a cave, that is). This campaign is far superior to your typical trade show as we go deeper and aim for more impact than the usual one-post or five-minute meet and greet. If you want to grow your business and meaningfully engage your consumer, this is the campaign you need to be part of. 

You can view more information on the BevFluence Collaborations platform (https://bevfluence.azurewebsites.net/). Once the campaign commences, you will use this platform to engage the creators, view posts and professional tasting notes, and experience the engagement dashboard.

Registration will open in early July and run through September. The price per each product registration is $225, but we have enacted early bird pricing of $195 per product registration. Cider and brandy associations can contact us for further discounts for their members.  

For each product registered, the brands must send (6) samples to each BevFluence Regional Office, as well as a sample to each Influencer we assign (3-4 influencers). That equals 15-16 total samples. All of the requirements are outlined in the campaign guidelines once you log in to the BevFluence Collaborations platform. 

I have also attached a larger synopsis of BevFluence and some of our previous Collaboration campaigns. 

Thanks for the time and cheers!

What is BevFluence?

BevFluence, LLC (BevFluence) was founded in 2017 and is made up of active members of the food & beverage industry – experts with decades of experience. This group of well-respected and highly sought-after professionals is dedicated to building and strengthening the professional food & beverage media community through education, collaboration, and expanding access for both brands and creators. Founded by media professionals to create the change for our clients that define the future, you get us all (for the cost of a single consultant in some other companies) – a team dedicated to growing your business over the long term. Our Team is made of wine, whiskey, technology, marketing, social media, hospitality, culinary, and beverage industry experts.