Dining with Bacchus: New York, Chicago, San Jose, New Orleans, Miami, and Dallas

In order to promote the endless possibilities of pairing Italian wine with Italian, international and local cuisines, the Italian Trade Agency announces the Dining with Bacchus tour, a series of educational events in 6 cities across the US throughout the month of November. The events, to be executed in some of America’s most authentic and iconic restaurants, aim to educate trade, media, and industry key players on Italian wines and their adaptability to various culinary pairings. These events will also highlight and promote the World Week of Italian Cuisine (Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo) happening November 14-20, 2022. The tour will be stopping in the following cities: New York, Chicago, San Jose, New Orleans, Miami, and Dallas.

“One of the Italian Trade Agency’s most crucial goals is to promote the combination of Italian food and wine traditions,” says Italian Trade Commissioner Antonino Laspina. “Through this series of interactive events we intend to demonstrate to American professionals in food and wine how to embrace this fundamental pillar of Italian culture and to identify the most particular characteristics related to different Italian wine profiles, in order to pair them with the most diverse cuisines and to appreciate their great complexity.”

Italian wines rely on a solid reputation of high quality, thanks to centuries-old traditions, denominations of origin, highly regulated production processes, and, most importantly, artisanal producers’ dedication to excellence. With over 540 officially recognized native wine grape varieties, Italy can boast an extensive wine grape biodiversity, and being the only country in the world to produce wine in every single region, it offers one of the most diverse tasting profile panoramas, adapting to multiple culinary traditions.

The series of events will serve as a vehicle for educating US industry professionals on the endless pairing opportunities offered by Italian wines, embracing yet debunking the myth that “what grows together, goes together”.

The Dining with Bacchus events will feature a dedicated tasting menu, embodying the Italian culinary tradition and, at the same time, representing a local or international trend, to be paired with 12 Italian wines, representing the Italian wine scene and paying homage to the Italian biodiversity. The evening will be enhanced by a guided presentation given by an Italian wine expert.

About the Italian Trade Agency
Since 1926, the Italian Trade Commission, with 79 offices in 65 countries, has been the Italian government agency entrusted with the mission of promoting trade between Italian companies and foreign markets. The Food and Wine department, based in New York City, works on increasing the awareness of authentic Italian products in the U.S. by being the point of reference for trade and press and promoting the real Made in Italy through educational events, informational materials, special events trade shows, and promotional campaigns.
Visit https://www.italianmade.com/usa/ to learn more.

Uruguay Wine Fall Tour: DC, NYC, Boston

There are three opportunities to sample and learn about wines from Uruguay for trade and media personnel in Washington DC, New York City, and Boston.

“From a small corner of South America, Uruguayan wines are rich in complex flavors and offer a unique heritage and winemaking style. Join us for a small, focused walkaround tasting highlighting wines from 16 exceptional producers and light appetizers, set within La Cosecha, voted one of America’s Top 50 Best Wine Retailers in 2021.

Uruguay is on the brink of a wine revolution. A collection of local winemaking families as well as international investment and interest has brought this small country from its Basque/Italian immigrant roots into the 21st century. Tannat is still the red wine king here, but Albariño and other unique varieties like Marselan have taken hold as Uruguayan winemakers explore the possibilities of taste and terroir.

Space is limited for this intimate tasting, advance registration is required. Complimentary for qualified wine trade and media only”.

October 27: Uruguay Wine Fall Tour: Trade & Media Tasting – DC

November 1: Uruguay Wine Fall Tour: Trade & Media Tasting – NYC

About the Presenter: Award-winning wine journalist Amanda Barnes, author of the newly-released The South America Wine Guide, Born and raised in Hampshire, England, Amanda Barnes has been based in South America since 2009 and also writes for several wine magazines and books including Decanter and The World Atlas of Wine, and is the editor of The Circle of Wine Writers’ monthly publication. As a “fount of knowledge on South American wine,” as stated by Jancis Robinson, this seminar and tasting is one you will not want to miss to dive deeper into all Uruguay has to offer!

November 3: Uruguay Wine Fall Tour: Trade & Media Tasting – Boston

About the Presenter: Award-winning wine journalist Amanda Barnes, author of the newly-released The South America Wine Guide, will give a short overview of the exciting things happening within Uruguay wines at 1PM (be sure to arrive before then!) to help educate about and explore these unique offerings. Born and raised in Hampshire, England, Amanda has been based in South America since 2009 and also writes for several wine magazines and books including Decanter and The World Atlas of Wine, and is the editor of The Circle of Wine Writers’ monthly publication. As a “fount of knowledge on South American wine,” as stated by Jancis Robinson, this seminar and tasting is one you will not want to miss to dive deeper into all Uruguay has to offer!

The Union of Sweet Bordeaux Wines Returns To The US With A Series of Events in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and New York

The Sweet Wines of Bordeaux are pleased to announce their return to the US with various opportunities for participants to learn about and taste their wines at promotional events through wine and food pairings led by experts in the field.

The Union des Vins Doux de Bordeaux is an association of four organizations, ODG des Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieurs, ODG des Premières Côtes de Bordeaux et Cadillac, ODG des Liquoreux de Bordeaux, and ODG des Côtes de Bordeaux Saint Macaire, that ensures the protection of origin and quality standard of the sweet wines produced in 8 appellations of the Bordeaux region: Bordeaux Moelleux, Bordeaux Supérieur, Cadillac, Cérons, Côtes de Bordeaux Saint-Macaire, Loupiac, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux, and Sainte-Croix-Du-Mont.

Seven will be the appellations participating in the US promotional tour, such as Bordeaux Moelleux Côtes de Bordeaux de Saint- Macaire, Cadillac, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux, Cérons, Sainte-Croix-Du- Mont and Loupiac.

The tour started on Monday 17th October in Dallas with a lunch at Blind Bishop & Dallas Wine Center where the Sweet Wines of Bordeaux were paired with a traditional American BBQ menu. The event was hosted by Dilek Caner, Master of Wine, a title currently held by 417 people around the world and only by 54 people in the US.

On Wednesday, October 19th, The Sweet Wines of Bordeaux were the protagonists during a lunch held at The Art of Cellaring, a collective business aimed to create a community where oenophiles can gather to learn about wine, talk about wine and share wine in Houston, Texas. This event featured a wine and BBQ food pairing led by Brandon Kerne, Director of Operations. He passed the Master Sommelier exam in 2021, becoming the 270th individual since 1973 to pass this rigorous examination.

On October 20th, the tour will continue in Los Angeles with a lunch at the Rustic Kitchen Restaurant & Wine Bar and led by spokesperson Monica Marin. Here the Sweet Bordeaux wines will be paired with an American fusion cuisine. Monica Marin, the Director of WSET & WSG Education Programs at The Wine House, manages the two certification-level programs: WSET and the Wine Scholar Guild (WSG). Currently is a Master of Wine candidate.

After Los Angeles, The Sweet Wines of Bordeaux will be present in New York with a lunch and dinner at the Yoon Haeundae Galbi, on October 24th. For these events Laura Williamson , MS, prior Beverage Director and Chef Sommelier for a Michelin Three-Star, New York Times Four-Star Restaurant in NYC , will guide participants through a wine and food pairing featuring a Korean menu

The Union of Sweet Bordeaux Wines partakes in these events as apart of “The Charming Taste of Europe” a three-year campaign started in 2021 promoted by the Vini d’ Abruzzo consortium and the Union of Sweet Bordeaux Wines, along with fruit producers in Greece’s Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kavala (Kavala COOP) and Agricultural Cooperative of Rachi Pieria (“Agios Loukas”), co-financed by the European Union.

To learn more about “The Charming Taste of Europe Campaign,” visit charmingtasteofeurope.eu, Pages dedicated to “The Charming Taste of Europe” can be found on all main social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The participating Consortia invites everyone to join the social media campaign using the hashtag #charmeu.

About the Charming Taste of Europe:
Europe, a place with timeless charm, is the birthplace of some of the highest-quality products in the world. The Charming Taste of Europe is a special project that introduces exquisite specialties to the United States and Canada, such as Italian and French wines, and fresh fruits from Greece, that showcase Europe’s charm, beauty, culture, history, art, heritage and unmistakable tastes.

The mission of the Charming Taste of Europe, co-funded by the European Union, is to increase awareness of the merits and quality standards of select European wines and fresh fruits with promotional activities in the competitive markets of the U.S. and Canada. The Charming Taste of Europe is promoted by the Consortium for the Protection of Wines of Abruzzo, the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kavala (Kavala COOP), the Agricultural Cooperative of Rachi Pieria “Agios Loukas” and the Union of Sweet Bordeaux Wines. These European agricultural products, famous around the world for their outstanding qualities, will continue to be promoted with initiatives and events for consumers, journalists and trade professionals. For more information visit charmingtasteofeurope.eu

To Follow The Charming Taste of Europe Campaign:
Website: charmingtasteofeurope.eu
Facebook: @CharmingTasteofEU
Instagram: @charmeu_usa
YouTube: The Charming Taste of Europe
Hashtags: #thecharmingtasteofeu and #charmeu

The content of this promotion campaign represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility. The European Commission and the European Research Executive Agency (REA) do not accept any responsibility for any use that may be made of the information it contains

KARAKTERRE – NYC November 5th

Karakterre is central and eastern Europe’s leading salon of organic, biodynamic, and natural wines. It takes place annually in Austria and New York. Karakterre promotes wineries from the wider central-eastern European basin, with a specific focus on Austria and its wine-growing regions. Each year we also welcome grower friends from other European winegrowing areas.

Date: November 5th
Location: Radio Park, 45 Rockefeller Plaza, Midtown Manhattan, NY
Time: trade 10am to 6pm; public 1130am to 6pm
General Admission: $55.00 + $3.00 booking fee
Trade tickets: please email marko@karakterre.com for the access code.

Join Karakterre, as the 10th edition of the leading salon of Austrian, Central and East European wines takes place at the iconic Rockefeller Plaza on November the 5th. More than 50 organic and biodynamic growers representing eight countries will personally showcase for a single day of tasting, meeting, and connecting in the heart of Manhattan.

The single-day event brings together unique low-intervention winegrowers, to showcase their work and ideas. We focus on much more than what’s hip at the moment – from the beginning, Karakterre has curated an important and evolving conversation on sustainability.

At Karakterre, the criteria for participation match our belief in sustainability and help our visitors to understand and appreciate the commitment of growers. We ask each participating grower to certify that they:
Follow organic, biodynamic, or natural guidelines in vineyards and cellars – low intervention,

  • Do not exceed 50mg/l of total sulfur in any of their wines,
  • Follow organic, biodynamic, or natural guidelines in vineyards and cellars – low intervention,
  • Do not exceed 50mg/l of total sulfur in any of their wines,
  • Actively promote authentic grape varieties,
  • Actively promote sustainable farming and living,
  • Are family-owned & run…
  • …. And they adhere to these criteria wherever they farm.

Cider Canada / Cidre Canada – an Association for Cider Producers in Canada

Cider Canada / Cidre Canada, an association for cider producers in Canada, brings together cider markers and their provincial associations to develop a stronger community of producers, as well as a vibrant cider industry in Canada.

Cider in Canada is a quickly growing industry, from only a handful of producers in the 2000s to now over 370 producers across Canada in all provinces (and but one territory!). Similar to the craft beer movement, cider in Canada now employs an estimated 5,000 full-time and 4,000 part-time employees with an estimated 39 million total liters of product each year. This makes cider the 4th largest alcoholic beverage behind beer, wine (which cider is currently classified under), and spirits.

Their members range from multi-million dollar producers who support thousands of jobs across the country to small, farm-based producers who are key economic drivers in their rural communities. They are currently facing large production cost increases due to the increased price of apples and juice, transportation, bottle/can availability, labor, and inflation touching nearly every aspect of their business, especially after the pandemic.

The organization focuses on six primary services for its members in order to alleviate these burdens:

Lobbying & Advocacy: Working alongside the provincial associations to support Provincial and Federal changes including tax, distribution, and awareness with elected officials and paid staff.

Education: Working alongside the Cider Institute of North America, Cider Canada / Cidre Canada provides education and training opportunities in multiple formats.

Services: Members get access to special discounts to help with operations, including equipment, insurance, health benefits, and much more through a network of industry partners.

News: Members get access to provincial, national and international news around cider, perry, alcohol, and more as a member.

Community: Members get access to special community groups via e-mail, Facebook, and Instagram.

Grant Support: Members get help in writing and submitting to various grant programs.

For the remainder of 2022, membership is free with other investment opportunities available. The BevFluence team is actively working with Cider Canada / Cidre Canada to investigate common areas of engagement and benefits for each of our members. Stay tuned…..