Cider Canada / Cidre Canada, an association for cider producers in Canada, brings together cider markers and their provincial associations to develop a stronger community of producers, as well as a vibrant cider industry in Canada.

Cider in Canada is a quickly growing industry, from only a handful of producers in the 2000s to now over 370 producers across Canada in all provinces (and but one territory!). Similar to the craft beer movement, cider in Canada now employs an estimated 5,000 full-time and 4,000 part-time employees with an estimated 39 million total liters of product each year. This makes cider the 4th largest alcoholic beverage behind beer, wine (which cider is currently classified under), and spirits.

Their members range from multi-million dollar producers who support thousands of jobs across the country to small, farm-based producers who are key economic drivers in their rural communities. They are currently facing large production cost increases due to the increased price of apples and juice, transportation, bottle/can availability, labor, and inflation touching nearly every aspect of their business, especially after the pandemic.

The organization focuses on six primary services for its members in order to alleviate these burdens:

Lobbying & Advocacy: Working alongside the provincial associations to support Provincial and Federal changes including tax, distribution, and awareness with elected officials and paid staff.

Education: Working alongside the Cider Institute of North America, Cider Canada / Cidre Canada provides education and training opportunities in multiple formats.

Services: Members get access to special discounts to help with operations, including equipment, insurance, health benefits, and much more through a network of industry partners.

News: Members get access to provincial, national and international news around cider, perry, alcohol, and more as a member.

Community: Members get access to special community groups via e-mail, Facebook, and Instagram.

Grant Support: Members get help in writing and submitting to various grant programs.

For the remainder of 2022, membership is free with other investment opportunities available. The BevFluence team is actively working with Cider Canada / Cidre Canada to investigate common areas of engagement and benefits for each of our members. Stay tuned…..