In order to promote the endless possibilities of pairing Italian wine with Italian, international and local cuisines, the Italian Trade Agency announces the Dining with Bacchus tour, a series of educational events in 6 cities across the US throughout the month of November. The events, to be executed in some of America’s most authentic and iconic restaurants, aim to educate trade, media, and industry key players on Italian wines and their adaptability to various culinary pairings. These events will also highlight and promote the World Week of Italian Cuisine (Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo) happening November 14-20, 2022. The tour will be stopping in the following cities: New York, Chicago, San Jose, New Orleans, Miami, and Dallas.

“One of the Italian Trade Agency’s most crucial goals is to promote the combination of Italian food and wine traditions,” says Italian Trade Commissioner Antonino Laspina. “Through this series of interactive events we intend to demonstrate to American professionals in food and wine how to embrace this fundamental pillar of Italian culture and to identify the most particular characteristics related to different Italian wine profiles, in order to pair them with the most diverse cuisines and to appreciate their great complexity.”

Italian wines rely on a solid reputation of high quality, thanks to centuries-old traditions, denominations of origin, highly regulated production processes, and, most importantly, artisanal producers’ dedication to excellence. With over 540 officially recognized native wine grape varieties, Italy can boast an extensive wine grape biodiversity, and being the only country in the world to produce wine in every single region, it offers one of the most diverse tasting profile panoramas, adapting to multiple culinary traditions.

The series of events will serve as a vehicle for educating US industry professionals on the endless pairing opportunities offered by Italian wines, embracing yet debunking the myth that “what grows together, goes together”.

The Dining with Bacchus events will feature a dedicated tasting menu, embodying the Italian culinary tradition and, at the same time, representing a local or international trend, to be paired with 12 Italian wines, representing the Italian wine scene and paying homage to the Italian biodiversity. The evening will be enhanced by a guided presentation given by an Italian wine expert.

About the Italian Trade Agency
Since 1926, the Italian Trade Commission, with 79 offices in 65 countries, has been the Italian government agency entrusted with the mission of promoting trade between Italian companies and foreign markets. The Food and Wine department, based in New York City, works on increasing the awareness of authentic Italian products in the U.S. by being the point of reference for trade and press and promoting the real Made in Italy through educational events, informational materials, special events trade shows, and promotional campaigns.
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