ABOUT BevFluence

What We Do

BevFluence® provides a unique ecosystem where products are tasted, shared, and fully experienced. BevFluence® provides adult beverage brands with a unique bundle of feedback, award placement, digital marketing, brand awareness, and reporting by tasting, sharing, and fully experiencing drinks from around the world. 

Justin Koury, CEO
Has spent more than 25 years in the culinary, wine, whiskey, hospitality, and consulting world. He has an MBA with a focus in Hospitality Tourism. His website, Wizard Of Whiskey, has covered the wine and spirits industry with a podcast since 2012. Justin is completing his American Whiskey Book with over 1000 whiskies tasted blind and hundreds of interviews. He spends his time writing, cooking, and reading when he is not on the road visiting wineries or distilleries or working with clients.


  • Certified Cider Guide (American Cider Association)

Who We are

BevFluence® is an organization created by beverage content creators, for content creators. A place to share ideas, enrich current relationships & forge new connections that will increase professional opportunities. 

Our team and community travels extensively, We taste wine, beer, spirits, cider and everything else you can think of all over the world.

Jenn Nelson, CMO
Marketing Expert Jenn is a former Army intelligence staffer with 20 years of information technology and content creation. She launched her blog 7 years ago aimed at educating people in unpretentious wine. Social media is her game and she is
a Master of Planning. Master’s degree in Marketing.

Work with us

We work with hundreds of the best BevFluencers to create the most engaging campaigns. Get real-time results without having to waste time and money.  The BevFluence® Experience enriches the community through networking and collaborating done with local influencers. When we show up, that place is changed forever.

Todd Godbout, CTO
Has more than 20 years as an Application developer, software tech and analyst, content creator, web designer, and data writer. He has worked extensively with Microsoft and Google application and database technologies to develop a wide range of web and mobile applications for commercial, DoD, and local government clients. He has developed applications that changed the beverage industry and collected data that has given clients and regions a deeper look into the future. In 2003, Todd created WineCompass.com, a tasting room compendium that now includes information on almost 20,000 wineries, breweries, distillery, and cider tasting rooms. He has leveraged his contacts to create the Virginia Wine TV and MyJoogTV video series, the latter pairing musicians with local craft beverage producers. Finally, he developed the Android compass Craft Beverage Finder mobile application and its equivalent on Amazon Fire and Alexa.


  • Certified Cider Guide (American Cider Association)
  • Wines of Georgia (Napa Valley Wine Academy)
  • Côtes du Rhône (Napa Valley Wine Academy)
  • Vini Portugal (Wines of Portugal)
Julia Menn

Value Proposition

BevFluence® has extensive recent and relevant experience helping craft beverage clients solve specific challenges by utilizing our influencer community and proprietary platforms. We are ideally suited to expand consumer exposure to craft beverage establishments by creating campaigns, experiences, and videos that generate measurable content using our BevFluence® Collaborations platform. BevFluence® can also increase knowledge of specific industries and regions through video content.

Julia Menn, Experience Manager
WSET and Whisky Ambassador certified educator and consultant, Julia has served as editor of one of the largest online whiskey lifestyle magazines and is a co-host of Swig & Ramble (a podcast focusing on hard-hitting issues and topics in the whisky and beverage industry), and is the Wine Director for an independent purveyor of fine wine. With over a decade of experience and world travel under her belt, from performing in New York City to managing a boutique vineyard in New Zealand, she brings a rare perspective, insight, and unmitigated excellence to each project she undertakes. Retail management, trade relations, experience curator, and hospitality veteran with a flair for the creative, her pursuit of growth and knowledge is unequivocal and distinct among her peers. She looks forward to joining your journey.

Work with us

Chandler Tomayko, Director of Bartending Lab

Chandler Tomayko is a trained chef and bartender who throughout her 21-year-long career has travelled, studied and worked in places such as Costa Rica, Abu Dhabi, Hawaii, Italy, Austria, England and Spain.

Chandler has spent time in all types of establishments from dive bars to Michelin star restaurants. She constantly thinks about the kitchen and the bar in her approach to mixology. Lover of puns and avid photographer, Chandler also has ample experience in developing programs both for educational purposes and for venues. She has worked as an event planner, magazine contributor, and project consultant.

When our potions professional is not focused on R&D she strives to curate experiences that add value to the careers of other hospitality individuals, keeping at the forefront personal growth, mental wellbeing, and curiosity.


  • Canadian Whisky (Hiram Walker & Sons)
  • Executive American Whiskey Steward (Moonshine University)
  • Science & Cooking (Harvard)
  • Single Malt Whisky (Edinburgh Whisky Academy)

Our Services

Bevfluence specializes in influencer marketing for the beverage industry. They create custom campaigns and connect clients with the right influencers. From strategy to execution, Bevfluence is dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

Regional Experiences

The BevFluence® Experience enriches the community by networking and collaboration done with local influencers. When we show up, that place is changed forever. Past experiences including Denver 2019 and the Livermore Valley 2022.

Content Campaigns

We work with hundreds of the best BevFluencers to create the most engaging campaigns. BevFluence® curates the talent and you sit back and enjoy the results -- reading the posts in real-time. Past campaigns include the Ryland Peters & Small Cocktail Book Program 2021 Book Club and the Rendezvous: An In-depth Look at RTD Cocktails.

Blind Judging Competition

This platform allows you to submit your products to a Competition where the entries are blind tasted by consumers and\or industry professionals. The scores and tasting notes are available in the competition dashboard. A Taste of BevFluence is currently live.


Our team has dedicated years to understanding every aspect of the hospitality world. From fine dining to hot dog stands and world class wines to beer made in a garage. How can we serve you?