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The Best of BevFluence® solution is a three-part cocktail. One part competition, one part influencer marketing campaign, and a dash of curated experiences. Entries from a registered product will get: (1) Tasted and evaluated by a world-renowned panel of experts, the influencer community, and consumers; (2) Shared with content creators for the influencer marketing campaign which follows our strategic publishing guideline; (3) Experienced at unique location blind tastings and influencer community outreach events including our famous Little Libations Bartender Lab. All products will be highlighted at the end of the year Best of BevFluence® 2024 awards and compilation.


BevFluence® provides a unique ecosystem where products are tasted, shared, and fully experienced. BevFluence® provides adult beverage brands with a unique bundle of feedback, award placement, digital marketing, brand awareness, and reporting by tasting, sharing, and fully experiencing drinks from around the world. 



The products will be presented to a combination of industry experts, mixologists, bartenders, creators, bloggers, podcasters, writers, and other media – and across the craft beverage landscape.


While our BevFluencers are tasting, they are also documenting the experience. They’re taking photos, they are making cocktails, they are writing feedback for the brands, and copy for their next social media post.


BevFluencers also participate in our Experiences where they are immersed into a local culture becoming evangelists for the region. The sessions include beverage-food pairings, establishment visits, and our renowned Little Libations Bartender Lab.

Our Judges

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Who has the time to try and track down the best people much less follow-up and get results. We do that and more. You will never again have to spend hours everyday looking for the best talent. 

We don’t have clients, we are different in that we can and like to work with everyone. Everyone from an entire region or AOC to a single winery in Idaho. We are loyal to the industry that we work in and love to experience it all. 

We will let you know before anything is posted and you will have the chance to re-submit new samples. 

Yes at the end of the year we produce what is called the Best of BevFluence. All entries are automatically entered and those that are chosen by our panel get additional social media and downloadable content to use for OND. 

Campaign blocks are published 90 days from the end of the deadline. We begin coverage at the end of one cycle for the o