Part 1: New Perspectives on Cider, Perry, and Brandy Campaign

BevFluence® partnered with brands to introduce their cider and brandy to several industry experts, mixologists, creators, bloggers, writers, and other media. The BevFluence® community members who participated in this campaign shared their thoughts on the beverages using a combination of photos, videos, and interviews with the brands. These posts were amplified across multiple platforms through BevFluence’s proprietary methodology. The participants utilized this methodology throughout the campaign which included one Zoom session, sharing agreements, and overlapping comments. And through the American Cider Association, two BevFluencers became Level 1 Certified Cider Professionals during this campaign. The producers were also able to view posting metrics using the BevFluence Collaborations website.

Over the first half of 2023, the campaign’s hashtags (#ciderwithbevfluence, #underthebevfluence, #brandywithbevfluence) reached just under 124 thousand impressions and 22.5 thousand interactions from 310 social mentions (as indicated by a third party tracking software: Brand Mentions). This data does not include the metrics from several blog posts and podcasts that didn’t include the social hashtags. Below is a sample of the Instagram posts from this campaign.


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