BevFluence® is the culture of beverage Experts!

BevFluence® is an organization created by beverage content creators, for content creators. A place to share ideas, enrich current relationships & forge new connections that will increase professional opportunities. 

The BevFluence®

The BevFluence® Experience enriches the community  by networking and collaboration done with local influencers. When we show up, that place is changed forever.

Our team and community travels extensively, We taste wine, beer, spirits, cider and everything else you can think of all over the world.

Regional Experiences

Great ideas don’t always just happen on the couch. Getting out, meeting others, sharing ideas leads to personal growth through collaboration! Our collaborative spirit allows professional and personal growth by spending time with industry experts, workshops, and developing new skills in a powerful group setting.


Working with us means commitment and growth. No one grows in a bubble, a blogger may get more likes and attention the less they wear or the more they post but to truly know how to engage with the beverage industry takes a village.

Competition Management

We as a team have more than 60 years of industry experience and aim to share what we have learned with our community. To learn more about how we can help your competition or help you design your own. Please send us a message. We have designed the ultimate platform for your competition database including storing and sharing results and judges notes. Any beverage anywhere in the world.

Professional Opportunites

Our experiences go beyond a simple press trip, taste, food, taste, picture and go home. We structure our days for maximum enjoyment as well as learning. Unparalleled education on the region, along with professional development that elsewhere would cost thousands and take months. Our deep dives get you ready to tackle the world as a content creator in the beverage industry. The deep dives into a region we focus on to allow everyone involved to learn and grow at a huge rate and leave empowered and on fire for the cause.

Customers reviews

What people are saying?

CC DesRosiers Proprietor Troop Beverage Company

It was great working with the BevFluence team and the group of influencers. As a small company, we didn’t have the time or resources to search for the right influencers who are passionate about food & bev and have an engaged following. BevFluence made this very easy, and the group of influencers we worked with were engaged and responsive. Would definitely consider doing another campaign with the BevFluence team in the future!. -- CC DesRosiers, Proprietor Troop Beverage Company

Sydney Rainin-Smith Proprietor Laughing Glass Cocktails

Thanks for inviting us to participate. We enjoyed the campaign quite a bit and were impressed with the posts. And we really enjoyed the Swig and Ramble interview. -- Sydney Rainin-Smith, Proprietor Laughing Glass Cocktails

Emily Dockery Executive Director Michigan Wine Collaborative

It has been a really awesome experience working with BevFluence to increase awareness of Michigan wine. Our BevFluence partnership has made it possible to present our member wineries with the unique opportunity to have custom content created for the advancement of their personal businesses as well as the Michigan wine industry as a whole. -- Emily Dockery, Executive Director Michigan Wine Collaborative

Doug Kingman Kingman Estate Winery Fine Colorado Wines

Karen and I thoroughly enjoyed the event and learned a lot. We are working on how to move forward with several of the local opportunities that came up. -- Doug Kingman Kingman Estate Winery, Fine Colorado Wines

Doug Caskey Executive Director Colorado Wine Industry Development Board

The BevFluence team visited Colorado in the late summer of 2019. They reached out to several wineries on their own and requested samples of the Colorado Governor’s Cup Collection from the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board. We also provided them with some additional background resources for the Colorado wine industry. During the short time they were here, they made great use of the contacts, samples, and information they received and leveraged those resources into dozens of social media posts focusing on our industry which brought the message of Colorado wine to thousands of consumers. We are grateful that the BevFluence team made Colorado a stop on their travels, and offered their support to our wineries. -- Doug Caskey, Executive Director Colorado Wine Industry Development Board


We are currently working on a membership section that will have additional benefits and collaboration opportunities. Being a community member will only cost you time.

These are small, thoughtfully created and curated experiences; not your typical conference and invites are sent out only to those deserving of a spot. We take great pride in working with our partners to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

No one business is the same, the same is true for how we deal with clients. We do not take a one size fits all approach as each need is important and unique. 

We take great pride in working with our partners to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience and if you get invited it is a privilege. Connecting with, working with us, being a member of our community is how you get invited. 

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