Attention Cider Brands: Join the Pomme and Perry Showcase

“The American Cider Association is pleased to share a new partnership with the BevFluence® Team. BevFluence® is offering a unique opportunity to our members – a comprehensive cider media campaign spanning the remainder of 2024. The Pomme and Perry Showcase will operate during the summer and early fall and feature apple and pear cider for Dry Cider July, late summer ciders, and fall ciders.”

American Cider Association

The BevFluence® team comprises cider enthusiasts (BevFluence® founders Justin and Todd are both Certified Cider Guides) as well as cider aficionados among the team of influencers. The Pomme and Perry Showcase will operate during the summer and early fall, featuring apple and pear cider for Dry Cider July (DCJ), late summer, and fall ciders. We also welcome apple wine and brandy entrees.

Campaign Goal: Increase brand awareness and drive trial and purchase of cider, perry, and brandy through engaging content, recipe inspiration, and seasonal promotions.

Target Audience: Media, bartenders, influencers, and consumers interested in exploring new and exciting beverage options beyond traditional beer and wine.

Campaign Channels: Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), Email Marketing, Content Studio (blog, video)

Value Proposition for Brands:

  • Increased Brand Awareness: Reach a targeted audience of potential new customers interested in cider, perry, and brandy.
  • Enhanced Brand Storytelling: Showcase the versatility and deliciousness of these beverages through engaging content.
  • Drive Trial and Purchase: Weekly promotions and cocktail recipe inspiration encourage consumers to experiment with cider, perry, and brandy.
  • Valuable Consumer Insights: Gain insights into audience preferences through social media engagement and campaign analytics.

What is included in this cost:

  • Create brand evangelists (media, buyers, & bartenders) through education and creativity in consumption. 
  • Evergreen content for your brand to share and use for Dry Cider July & throughout the Autumn and holiday season.
  • Product featured in
    • Social media posts
    • Podcast episodes 
    • Blogs and articles
    • Cider-based cocktail experiences 

This campaign goes above and beyond the typical trade show! We go deeper and aim for more impact than the usual one-post or five-minute meet-and-greet. If you want to grow your business and meaningfully engage your consumers, this is the campaign you need to participate in. Just one entry has multiple uses and pathways to the consumer with the aid of the BevFluence® team. 

Register here to get started.


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