Who’s Familiar with the Heard Card Game

Sometimes called the service industry version of Cards Against Humanity, Heard card game creates space for industry professionals, past and present, to cry and laugh together about the nuances of the hospitality industry.

Calling for New Best of BevFluence Submissions

The Best of BevFluence® is a comprehensive example of the services BevFluence® provides. Where entries are tasted, shared, and fully experienced by Beverage Influencers or BevFluencers.

New York’s Passive House Certified and Organic Seminary Hill Orchard & Cidery

Although Seminary Hill is a relatively new operation, they utilize the services of long-time cider-maker Stuart Madany. I first encountered Stuart 11 years ago when he was the cidermaker at Castle Hill Cider in central Virginia and introduced us to cider aged in Georgian Kevri. See Winemaker Series: Castle Hill Cider & Kvevri. Through email, he was able to explain some of the differences and similarities between cider-making in New York State and Central Virginia: