Wilding in Vineyards with the Apis Arborea TreeNest

While discussing their Regenerative Farming practices at their American Canyon Vineyard at Grgich Hills Estate, Luke and Ivo Jeramaz showed us the most interesting bee hive. It was cylinder tree log, covered with bark, and located a dozen feet above our head. This TreeNest was designed by the  nonprofit organization Apis Arborea in order to promote wild honeybee populations. Seeing the hive […]

Dry Creek Vineyard — the Foundation to the Dry Creek Valley

The success of wineries within Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley is completely intertwined with the vision and determination of a founding winery, Dry Creek Vineyard. This is shown in the foresight of founder David S. Stare who moved his family from New England to Sonoma County where in the early 1970s he purchased “a rundown 55-acre prune orchard across […]

Unveiling the Allure of Dry Cider: A Celebration of Complexity and Refreshment

As we get deeper into the summer, gearing up for the grilling season and pouring glasses of refreshing libations , it is essential to remember a popular beverage that spans the entire history of America and centuries prior. Cider.  July is dry cider month, better known as Dry Cider July, where we celebrate an often […]

Regenerative Farming at Grgich Hills Estate

Are you familiar with the main principles of Regenerative Farming?  Grgich Hills Estate has been a leader in this innovation, first by farming organically for the past two decades, then biodynamically, and finally regenerative farming as stipulated by Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) since 2019.  Winemaker and Vice President of Vineyards & Production Ivo Jeramaz and his son Luke provided […]

Attention Spirits Brands: Baltimore Speakeasy & Bartender Lab 2024

BevFluence® is coming to Baltimore this August! We’ll close out the summer with a week of imbibing experiences. Starting with a day of tasting and education with Eric Kozlik, Tracie Franklin, and others…Followed by a day at our content studio, where media has the opportunity to collaborate and create stunning evergreen content as a community. We’ll […]

Attention Cider Brands: Join the Pomme and Perry Showcase

“The American Cider Association is pleased to share a new partnership with the BevFluence® Team. BevFluence® is offering a unique opportunity to our members – a comprehensive cider media campaign spanning the remainder of 2024. The Pomme and Perry Showcase will operate during the summer and early fall and feature apple and pear cider for […]

Beyond Organic: How Regenerative Farming is Reshaping the Beverage Industry

The beverage industry, from coffee to craft beer, relies heavily on the health of our agricultural ecosystems. A movement is underway to return the soil to its greatness and give back to the earth. Conventional farming practices can deplete soil health, reduce biodiversity, and contribute to climate change. Much of the beverage industry suffers from […]

Unlocking the Potential of Alcohol Marketing Strategies Through Influencer Marketing: It is not new.

Alcohol marketing is a key component of the beverage industry, driving sales and establishing a brand’s presence in the marketplace. It can be a tricky business, however, as there are strict regulations and guidelines related to advertising that must be considered. For this reason, many brands are turning to influencer marketing as a way to leverage existing relationships with followers and to create more meaningful and effective marketing campaigns. In this blog, we’ll explore what alcohol marketing is, the pros and cons of alcohol marketing, and how influencer marketing can be used to develop successful strategies.

2024 Consumer Trends in the World of Gin: What to Expect and How to Stay Ahead

As a team of gin enthusiasts and industry experts, we have witnessed the tremendous growth and evolution of the gin industry over the years. From the rise of craft distilleries to the introducing of new flavors and innovative packaging, the world of gin has never been more exciting. However, with the spirits industry constantly evolving, […]